Yerba mate Evergreen, hand picked, organic, and biodinamyc

Yerba Mate Benefits

Yerba mate benefits are well-known in the South American community. Most of these benefits are scientifically proven, but there are also other benefits to drinking mate, and here is a list of them.

Mate Eléctrico con Yerba Mate Evergreen

Electric Mate with Evergreen yerba mate

  1. It keeps you hydrated: Most people go through the day without drinking much water, but when you drink mate daily, you consume up to 67 US fl oz of water every day with your mate. This will prevent dehydration.
  2. It is a natural diuretic: This means you will urinate frequently, keeping your kidneys working and your body cleansed. It will also reduce bloating.
  3. It will reduce your unhealthy habits: Drinking mate can help avoid the need to smoke, vape, or even consume excessive amounts of coffee or sugary carbonated drinks. Drinking mate is a small task you do every few minutes, and each mate is much smaller compared to a cup of coffee. So, with just a few sips of mate, you can continue your work without interruption.
  4. It will help you lose some weight: If you drink mate, your stomach will stay filled with liquid, reducing the urge to eat cookies or other unhealthy foods.
  5. An ideal replacement for that big cup of coffee: Most Americans consume about 25 oz of coffee daily, which can be detrimental to your health. Coffee is a very strong beverage compared to yerba mate. 25 oz of coffee is equivalent to 30 days of drinking yerba mate all day long. A day of coffee consumption equates to 500 mg of caffeine (an average of 25 oz of coffee per day), while a day of drinking mate with the Electric Mate provides only 16 mg of caffeine (25 oz of water consumed while enjoying mate).
  6. Hot mate will keep you warm during those winters or in the summer at the office with that big AC.
  7. Yerba mate is very similar to green tea, but it’s better, especially if you know how to choose a good quality yerba mate like Evergreen, which is hand-picked, smoke-free, organic, and biodynamic.
Yerba mate premium Evergreen

All these benefits are even better when using the Electric Mate because it keeps your moistened yerba hot when you’re not drinking it, allowing you to do your chores and still return to a hot, tasty mate drink. If you want to start drinking mate, you can ask us for a full starter kit, and we will send you the best mate ever invented along with some yerba that will last you for a full 30 days.

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